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EN[ˈsɜːmən] [ˈsɝmən] [-ɜː(ɹ)mən]
  • A sermon is an oration by a member of the clergy. Sermons address a Biblical, theological, religious, or moral topic, usually expounding on a type of belief, law or behavior within both past and present contexts.
  • In Christianity, a sermon (also known as a homily within some churches) is usually delivered in a place of worship, most of which have a pulpit or ambo, an elevated architectural feature.
  • The word can mean "conversation", which could mean that early sermons were delivered in the form of question and answer, and that only later did it come to mean a monologue.
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  • NounPLsermons
    1. Religious discourse; a written or spoken address on a religious or moral matter.
      1. One saint's day in mid-term a certain newly appointed suffragan-bishop came to the school chapel, and there preached on “The Inner Life.”  He at once secured attention by his informal method, and when presently the coughing of Jarvis […] interrupted the sermon, he altogether captivated his audience with a remark about cough lozenges being cheap and easily procurable.
    2. A lengthy speech of reproval.
    3. VerbSGsermonsPRsermoningPT, PPsermoned
      1. (poetic) OBS To discourse to or of, as in a sermon.
        1. (poetic) OBS To tutor; to lecture.
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            • The sun shall be bengroed in darkness. ― Hewyt, Sermons.
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