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  • Scalar may refer to:
  • Scalar (mathematics), a quantity that can multiply vectors in the context of vector spaces
  • Scalar (physics), a quantity that is independent of specific classes of coordinate systems
  • Lorentz scalar, a quantity in the theory of relativity which is invariant under a Lorentz transformation
  • Variable (computing), or scalar, an atomic quantity that can hold only one value at a time

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  • NounPLscalars
    1. (mathematics) A quantity that has magnitude but not direction; compare vector.
      1. (electronics) An amplifier whose output is a constant multiple of its input.
      2. Adjective
        1. (mathematics) Having magnitude but not direction.
          1. (computer science) Consisting of a single value (e.g. integer or string) rather than multiple values (e.g. array).
            1. Of, or relating to scale.
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                • It is known that the only finite-dimensional diffeological vector space that admits a diffeologically smooth scalar product is the standard space of appropriate dimension.
                • We investigate the propagation of the scalar waves in the Witten space-time called "bubble of nothing" and in its remarkable sub-manifold, the lorentzian Hawking wormhole.
                • To avoid this disadvantage of spatial distance measurement, we herein describe each object (e.g. cell nucleus) by a scalar field on the basis of an inverse multiquadric radial basis function.
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