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EN[sæd] [-æd]

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  • AdjectiveCOMsadderSUPsaddest
    1. OBS Sated, having had one's fill; satisfied, weary.
      1. OBS Steadfast, valiant.
        1. OBS Dignified, serious, grave.
          1. OBS Naughty; troublesome; wicked.
            1. (heading) Emotionally negative.
              1. this is either used crude, and called Sulphur Vive, and is of a sadder colour; or after depuration, such as we have in magdeleons of rolls, of a lighter yellow.
              2. She gets sad when he's away. ‎
              3. The puppy had a sad little face. ‎
              4. It's a sad fact that most rapes go unreported. ‎
              5. That's the saddest-looking pickup truck I've ever seen. ‎
            2. SLA Unfashionable; socially inadequate or undesirable.
              1. I can't believe you use drugs; you're so sad! ‎
            3. (dialect) Soggy (to refer to pastries).
              1. OBS Heavy; weighty; ponderous; close; hard.
                1. sad bread
            4. More Examples
              1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                • Nope, just a sad trolltard that's felt the need to harass this NG and it's[sic] members for years.
                • For one parade-goer, the new parade is not novel, but a sad reminder that the traditional parade ideal “like everything else connected with downtown St. Catharines is dying.
                • "Well, your recitations just brought down the house, Anne. That sad one was simply splendid."
              2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
                • Sad accidents to ensober his spirits. — Jeremy Taylor.
              3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
                • Thus, anxiety anticipation is vital to the pathopsychological mechanism of SAD.
                • When I think back on those times we shared together, I can't help but feel a little sad.
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              1. Adjectives
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