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  • NounPLroutinesSUF-ine
    1. A course of action to be followed regularly; a standard procedure.
      1. A set of normal procedures, often performed mechanically.
        1. Connie was completely robotic and emotionless by age 12; her entire life had become one big routine. ‎
      2. A set piece of an entertainer's act.
        1. (computing) A set of instructions designed to perform a specific task; a subroutine.
        2. AdjectiveCOMmore routineSUPmost routine
          1. According to established procedure.
            1. Regular; habitual.
              1. Whether modern, industrial man is less or more warlike than his hunter-gatherer ancestors is impossible to determine. [ …] One thing that is true, though, is that murder rates have fallen over the centuries, as policing has spread and the routine carrying of weapons has diminished. Modern society may not have done anything about war. But peace is a lot more peaceful.
            2. Ordinary with nothing to distinguish it from all the others.
              1. Stoke put themselves in a fine position to qualify for the Europa League knockout stage with a routine victory over Maccabi Tel-Aviv in Israel.
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              • Change in acceptance of feedback by adding information based on qualitative analysis p =0.956: comparison of study group and nonstudy group within after routine feedback.
              • These parameters further support the usefulness of the new heptaplex PCR assay in routine clinical diagnosis and infection control.
              • Aneroid and electronic instruments, decalibrate easily and frequently and require routine accuracy checks.
            2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
              • Interactive programs let the users enter choices and invoke the corresponding routines.
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