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  • VerbSGresemblesPRresemblingPT, PPresembledPREré-
    1. VT  To be like or similar to (something); to represent as similar.
      1. VT (now rare, archaic) To compare; to regard as similar, to liken.
        1. OBS VT  To counterfeit; to imitate.
          1. OBS VT  To cause to imitate or be like; to make similar.
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              • A form of these lissoneoids somewhat resemble the trochoidal forms, the latter being more hollow than the former.
              • Save for a rusty, seatless swing set, the Brinket-Hibbard Playlot resembles many vacant lots pockmarking Detroit's hardscrabble east side.
              • The mallet is made of a hard heavy wood resembling ebony, is about twelve inches in length, and perhaps two in breadth, with a rounded handle at one end  [ …] .
          • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
            1. Verbs
              • Transitive verbs
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            Meaning of resemble for the defined word.

            Grammatically, this word "resemble" is a verb, more specifically, a transitive verb.
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