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  • Relevant is something directly related, connected or pertinent to a topic; it may also mean something that is current.
  • Relevant may also refer to:
  • Relevant operator, a concept in physics, see renormalization group
  • Relevant, Ain, a commune of the Ain département in France
  • Relevant Magazine, a bimonthly Christian magazine
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  • AdjectiveCOMmore relevantSUPmost relevantPREré-SUF-ant
    1. Directly related, connected, or pertinent to a topic.
      1. His mother provided some relevant background information concerning his medical condition.
    2. Not out of date; current.
      1. The message of Christmas is still relevant as we near the end of a troubled year and the beginning of an uncertain but challenging new year.
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      • Often, previously-known results will be streamlined, reworded, or reproven to make them directly relevant to the results of this paper.
      • This means the stem-loop tool—with its base-pairing and nonpairing composition—is relevant to all agents of the current RNA world being active in cellular genomes after transcription.
      • The MVEC COX-2/mPGES-1/EP-4 axis is relevant for PGE 2 -mediated hypervascularization from the early stages of human AAA development [16 ].
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