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    1. plural of region.
      1. (Ireland, Britain, definite: the regions) the rest of the country excluding the capital city or metropolitan region.
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          • Moreover, two genomic regions strongly responded to selection for thermal tolerance in interlatitudinal crosses.
          • In certain regions of horizontal platform strata, there occur sharp downflexings of strata in the form of monoclines.
          • These vessels extend into the capsule and extralobular region and connect to efferent lymphatic vessels (ELVs) [ 21 , 22 , 31 ].
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          • On a lighter note, Mr Rudd remarked that Elvis was indeed still alive, referring to the firefighting helicrane that doused the community with 9000 litres of water as flames swept across the region.
          • After RSE treatment for 90 days, there was no comparable fibrosis in noninfarct and infarct regions.
          • The yardgrass (Eleusine indica) has similarly spread along roadside verges in western Africa and other tropical regions.
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