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EN[ɹɪˈɡɑɹdɪd] [ɹɪˈɡɑːdɪd]

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  • VerbBFregardSGregardsPRregardingPREré-
    1. simple past tense and past participle of regard.
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        • The film is at once too Hollywood and too realistic. It is tied to genre conventions while stylistically following the new code of realism, especially with regard to mise-en-scène and performance.
        • With such people, one is not secure in regard to owed duties; they hate owed duty, and prefer to do everything on their own” out of kind-heartedness and benevolence.
        • Far from endeavouring to deſtroy the paſſions, the inviſible movers of our being, we regard them as precious gifts that we ſhould carefully œconomiſe.
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        • Regarding bite-wing radiographs assessment of intraexaminer agreement was tested and retested in 30 randomly selected cases with a 2-month interval.
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        • Not a few — maybe most — hold its eating contests, roller coaster and skeeball in high regard.
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        Grammatically, this word "regarded" is a verb, more specifically, a verb form.
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