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  • Quietly is the third studio album by the atmospheric sludge metal band Mouth of the Architect. Recorded at Red Room Recording and Woodshed Studios in Seattle, WA, it was released on Translation Loss Records on 22 July 2008.
  • Following the departure of Gregory Lahm, original guitarist Alex Vernon returned to the band alongside new guitarist Steve Brooks. Kevin Schindel joined as permanent bassist.
  • The album was released on gatefold CD, limited edition 300 translucent and rainbow splatter double LP and limited edition 700 solid black and white swirl double LP.

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  • AdverbCOMmore quietlySUPmost quietlySUF-ly
    1. In a quiet manner.
      1. When Timothy and Julia hurried up the staircase to the bedroom floor, where a considerable commotion was taking place, Tim took Barry Leach with him. […]. The captive made no resistance and came not only quietly but in a series of eager little rushes like a timid dog on a choke chain.
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      • With all his usual subtlety, he quietly fixed the problem before anyone else noticed it.
      • She took the stand and quietly answered questions. ‎
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      Grammatically, this word "quietly" is an adverb. It's also a morpheme, more specifically, a suffixe.
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