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  • Purify may refer to:
  • Purification (disambiguation), the act or process of purifying
  • IBM Rational Purify, in computing, debugger software
  • Maurice Purify (born 1986), American football wide receiver
  • James & Bobby Purify, American soul music vocal duo
  • Purify (album), a mini album released by the Canadian death metal band Axis of Advance in January 2006
  • Purify (album), the second album by Omaha funk/jazz fusion band Funk Trek
  • "Purify", a song by Metallica on the album St. Anger

    Definition of purify in English Dictionary

  • VerbSGpurifiesPRpurifyingPT, PPpurifiedSUF-ify
    1. To cleanse (something), or rid (it) of impurities.
      1. To free (someone) from guilt or sin.
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          • We asked whether purified VM-GFP would adsorb to the surface of phosphoplipid vesicles and whether it would favor vesicles similar in size to the forespore.
          • The thermostabilizing effect of Ca 2+ binding to avian rNA was investigated by incubating the purified protein with increasing concentrations of Ca 2+ .
          • To determine the oligomeric state of purified Kv1.3 proteins, Kv1.3 proteins solubilized in Fos-12 were exchanged into amphipols (A8-35) (Anatrace) following a modified protocol [ 72 ].
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