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  • NounPLpucks
    1. (ice hockey) A hard rubber disc; any other flat disc meant to be hit across a flat surface in a game.
      1. (chiefly Canada) An object shaped like a puck.
        1. (computing) A pointing device with a crosshair.
          1. (hurling) A penalty shot.
            1. A mischievous spirit.
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              1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                • This intoxicating fume is caused by introducing into the fumigating lamp a piece of ignited vegetable substance, called puck , puckball , or frog-cheese, or, most commonly, fuzzball .
                • Frolov outbattled Rangers defenseman Fedor Tyutin for the puck behind the Rangers’ net and passed in front to Anze Kopitar for an open shot.
                • Boyle’s goal, which came after Rangers defenseman Jason Strudwick overskated the puck behind the net to give the Kings an easy pass out front, came 13 minutes 8 seconds into the first period.
              2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
                • In which method of receiving the puck—with a fixed stick or a loose-handed stick—do you apply a bigger force to the puck?
                • Players are off side, if they enter the attacking zone before the puck.
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              1. Nouns
                • Countable nouns
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