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    1. simple past tense and past participle of provide.
    2. Conjunction
      1. Only if (the stipulation that follows is true).
        1. You can go to the party provided you finish all your homework first.
    3. More Examples
      1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
        • I geocode my customers' addresses to provide them with more relevant promotional material.
        • A PNG bridge provides a permissive, directional substrate to encourage and guide long-distance regeneration, and resident Schwann cells provide trophic support and can remyelinate the axons.
        • They're the ones the Council has been too chincy to provide the money for.
      2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
        • An extended phase diagram describing the regions of stability of all known types of DWs in permalloy nanostrips is provided.
        • Major migrations and cattle drives may require more water on their path than springlets can provide.
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          Grammatically, this word "provided" is a conjunction. It's also a verb, more specifically, a verb form.
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