• Programming may refer to:
  • Broadcast programming, scheduling content for television
  • Computer programming, the act of instructing computers to perform tasks
  • Programming language, an artificial language designed to communicate instructions to a machine
  • Game programming, the software development of video games
  • Dramatic programming, fictional television content
  • Mathematical programming, or optimization, is the selection of a best element
  • Neuro-linguistic programming, a pseudoscientific method aimed at modifying human behavior

    Definition of programming in English Dictionary

  • NounBFprogramPLprogramsPREpro-SUF-ing
    1. (broadcasting) The designing, scheduling or planning of a radio or television program / programme.
      1. The network changed its programming to mess with DVRs again. ‎
    2. brain-washing.
      1. (computing) The act of writing a computer program.
        1. Management wanted to know how much programming the project would need. ‎
      2. The software that controls a machine, or the logic or expressed in such software; operating instructions.
        1. A robot's programming doesn't allow for love. ‎
    3. VerbBFprogramSGprogramsPT, PPprogrammed
      1. present participle of program.
        1. present participle of programme.
          1. I was programming a new module for the software package.
          2. He was programming the VCR.
      2. More Examples
        1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
          • With its 135 flights across three decades, the space shuttle program is the same way — too vast, sprawling, complex and multipurposed to easily contain within any human narrative.
          • The BBC is usually so good at what it does, its programming standards are so uniformly high, that a spot of live human crapness is refreshing.
          • The students' solution was to create a Welcome Wagon program to cordially introduce new students to their class.
        2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
          • 1995, Christopher Jencks, The Homeless‎, p. 46: Because punishment does so little to deter chemical addiction, liberal reformers usually prefer detox centers and twelve-step programs.
          • In a statement signed by a dozen other leftists, he said that his group would form a new antibailout movement, one opposed to the memorandum specifying the details of the new loan program.
          • This is causing a reenvisagement of the whole problem and the rearrangement of our whole experimental program.
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