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  • In medicine, the term presenting means not only present, but seen. For example, at birth most babies present head first and their presenting part is their head.
  • Often, this term refers to when a condition is first noticed by a physician or first brought to a physician's attention. A presenting condition may be one that causes the patient to consult a physician.

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  • VerbBFpresentSGpresentsPT, PPpresentedPREpré-SUF-ing
    1. present participle of present.
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        • The rapid increase in the intrasellar contents and intrasellar pressure usually presents as sudden onset of headache.
        • Animals were staged according to accepted criteria and only adults (range of carapace width: 8–9 cm) in intermolt stage were used in the present study.
        • Although more gracile, it is clearly homologous to the orbitocerebral vein that is present in some sauropods like Diplodocus longus ([42 ]: fig. 6.9) and Camarasaurus lentus ([42 ]: fig. 6.8).
      2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
        • The fireworks which opened the festivities excited anyone present.
        • The King settled to prorogue Parliament until the Christmas holidays, and to do nothing else for the present.
        • At the base of sequence 7 (Fig 2 ), a thin clast-supported intraformational conglomerate is present.
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