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EN[ˈpɛti] [ˈpʰɛɾi] [-ɛti]
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  • AdjectiveCOMpettierCOMmore pettySUPpettiestSUPmost petty
    1. (obsolete except in set phrases) Little, small, secondary in rank or importance.
      1. Like a petty god I walked about, admired of all. (Milton, Samson Agonistes, 1671)
      2. petty officer, petty cash
    2. Insignificant, trifling, or inconsiderable.
      1. a petty fault
    3. Narrow-minded, small-minded.
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        • Their pleasures, poor as they were, could not be preserved pure, but were imbittered by petty competitions, and worthless emulation.
        • You can take what you need from the petty cash, but you must replace it tomorrow morning.
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      1. Adjectives
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