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EN[ˈpɛɹənts] [ˈpæɹənts] [ˈpɛəɹənts]
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  • NounBFparentPREpar-
    1. plural of parent.
      1. I like hanging out with my parents, but my friends think it's weird.
  • VerbBFparentPRparentingPT, PPparented
    1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of parent.
    2. More Examples
      1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
        • All parents hope that their children will go a long way in their lives.
        • He came out about being gay to his parents last week.
        • His parents wished he'd applied himself better while he was in school.
      2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
        • Parents of younger children often become upset when they are told that they cannot sit in on the psychological assessment.
        • Parents get after their children to do homework for the best.
      3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
        • Things started looking up after Jim moved back in with his parents.
        • If you try to change the school schedule like that, you'll be up against legions of angry parents.
        • Allowance, a third income test applies on the incomes of the allowee's parents.
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