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EN[ˈnʌm.bə] [ˈnʌm.bɚ] [ˈnʌmə] [ˈnʌmɚ]
US US adjective
  • A number is a mathematical object used to count, measure and label. The original examples are the natural numbers 1, 2, 3, and so forth. A notational symbol that represents a number is called a numeral.
  • In mathematics, the notion of number has been extended over the centuries to include 0, negative numbers, rational numbers such as and , real numbers such as and , complex numbers, which extend the real numbers by including ,
  • Besides their practical uses, numbers have cultural significance throughout the world. For example, in Western society the number 13 is regarded as unlucky, and "a million" may signify "a lot.
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