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EN[nɔː(ɹ)θ] [-ɔː(ɹ)θ] [noːɹθ] [nɔəθ]
  • North is a noun, adjective, or adverb indicating direction or geography. North is one of the four cardinal directions or compass points. It is the opposite of south and is perpendicular to east and west.
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  • NounPREnor-
    1. One of the four major compass points, specifically 0°, directed toward the North Pole, and conventionally upwards on a map.
      1. Minnesota is in the north of the USA.
    2. The up or positive direction.
      1. Stock prices are heading north.
    3. Above or higher.
      1. The price you're offering had better be north of the highest price this company has ever traded for. - Tom Aldredge in the movie Barbarians at the Gate
    4. (physics) The positive or north pole of a magnet, which seeks the magnetic pole near Earth's geographic North Pole (which, for its magnetic properties, is a south pole).
    5. VerbSGnorthsPRnorthingPT, PPnorthed
      1. OBS VI To turn or move toward the north.
      2. Adjective
        1. Of or pertaining to the north; northern.
          1. He lived in north Germany.
          2. She entered through the north gate.
        2. Toward the north; northward.
          1. (meteorology) Of wind, from the north.
            1. The north wind was cold.
          2. Pertaining to the part of a corridor used by northbound traffic.
            1. north highway 1
          3. COL More or greater than.
            1. The wedding ended up costing north of $50,000.
        3. Adverb
          1. Toward the north; northward.
            1. Switzerland is north of Italy.
            2. We headed north.
        4. More Examples
          1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
            • Yesterday spears were the weapon of choice in the North Rift; today they are being replaced by the Kalashnikov and rocket-fired grenade.
            • These differences appear to be related to variation between related East Asian and North American strains in the synthesis of rhizobitoxine [ 8 ].
            • The megahack is widely considered to have been initiated by North Korea, upset at the portrayal of Kim Jong-un in Sony’s then-imminent comedy The Interview.
          2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
            • North of the Alps, you can have heat and sun--but some summers (if you go far enough north) you can also be bogged in by rain and enough chill that you have to go out and buy wool hats.
            • North Carolina goes blue for the first time since 1976.
          3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
            • The head of the compass needle is pointing due north.
            • The sidewalk runs next to the street for a few miles, then diverges from it and turns north.
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