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    1. plural of neuron.
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        • In all cases, when the level of depression is high, the neuron can fire action potentials sporadically during the interstimulation intervals.
        • Then astrocytes were plated in transwells (0.45  μ M pore size; BD Biosciences, Durham, NC, USA) while neurons were plated in multiwells as described below.
        • Bilateral inactivation of cholinergic BF neurons genetically targeted with archaerhodopsin prolonged SWS and decreased the probability of awakening from SWS in mice.
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        • We show that the requirement of neuronal implementability of the inverse generative function strongly constrains the neuronal transfer function, essentially only allowing threshold-linear neurons.
        • As part of genoframe we have identified the genetic underpinnings of the driver neurons.
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