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    1. plural of mode.
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        • Instead, we perform an upper triangularization of the system to separate only the outgoing modes at all points in the frequency space, so that an exact estimate of the outgoing modes can be obtained.
        • Recently, some insecticides with novel mode of actions, such as chlorantraniliprole, have been widely applied in rice fields against rice borers [ 10 ].
        • Whereas for the turning bias (contra- and ipsiversive turns) both drugs interacted according to an additive mode (non significant “Radiprodil x Tozadenant” statistical interaction).
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        • That ill-made doublet of green cloth must be exchanged for one of velvet slashed in the Venetian style like mine own, with hose stuffed and bombasted according to the mode.
        • The samples were measured using a microcuvette with a path length of 50 μm (NSG Precision Cells, Farmingdale, NY), and fluorescence emission was acquired in the front-face mode.
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