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    1. plural of method.
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        • However, it has been proven that convincing cases of cospeciation are indeed rare as cophylogenetic methods often overestimate the occurrence of cospeciation [18 ].
        • It makes sure that the field name argument is not empty, and that the field specified there is an actual existing field in the class which declares the method decorated with this attribute.
        • The method was then applied to a case study of city system dynamics to explore the model’s predicted values of city hierarchisation and population growth.
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        • Therefore, it is very difficult to detect multiresidues and perform unknown material analysis of β-agonists by the antibody-based immunoassay methods.
        • Our results reveal important differences in the accuracy of the taxonomic identifications carried out by different ichthyoplanktologists following morphology-based methods.
        • There is a vast amount of literature available that provides in-depth reviews of modeling shallow water flows using the finite difference, finite volume, and finite element methods.
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