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  • Measurement (from Old French: mesurement) is the assignment of numbers to objects or events. It is a cornerstone of most natural sciences, technology, economics, and quantitative research in other social sciences.
  • Any measurement of an object can be judged by the following meta-measurement criteria values: level of measurement (which includes magnitude), dimensions (units), and uncertainty.

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  • NounPLmeasurementsPREmé-SUF-ment
    1. The act of measuring.
      1. Magnitude (or extent or amount) determined by an act of measuring.
        1. Risk is everywhere. [ …] For each one there is a frighteningly precise measurement of just how likely it is to jump from the shadows and get you. “The Norm Chronicles” [ …] aims to help data-phobes find their way through this blizzard of risks.
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        • Perhaps most notably, our enquiries into the existence of unfreedoms are steps toward the measurement of the overall freedom of each individual and of each society.
        • The mean intrajudge reliability of measurement of %SS was 83%.
        • The filament touch the midplantar surface of the ipsilateral paw and measurements were taken automatically as we described previously [16 , 17 , 25 , 31 ].
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        • Multiple-group comparisons were obtained by ANOVA, with 1-way ANOVA for nonrepeated measurements.
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