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    1. plural of material.
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        • Similarly, foreign genetic material may be acquired at this locus by illegitimate recombination during genome concatemerisation.
        • Indicate that you are willing to receive marketing material by putting a tick in the box
        • Recently antibutyrylcholinestrasic activity was detected in the crude venom extracted from the tentacle material of the Mediterranean jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca .
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        • Materials that can be deformed by photoirradiation are not unknown, but generally consist of polymer films and gels and are rather slow-acting.
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        • Furthermore, we discuss the potential use of our metasurface absorber design in solar thermophotovoltaics by exploiting refractory plasmonic materials.
        • Schnetter obtained the unialgal isolate from this material.
        • I geocode my customers' addresses to provide them with more relevant promotional material.
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