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EN[leɪə] [lɛə] [ˈleɪ.ɚ] [-eɪə(r)]
  • Layer may refer to:
  • A layer of archaeological deposits in an Excavation
  • A layer hen, a hen raised to produce eggs
  • Layering, a technique for plant propagation
  • Layered hair, a popular hair-styling technique
  • Layered clothing, the wearing of multiple layers of clothing for practical or fashion purposes
  • Layer de la Haye is a village in Essex, England

    Definition of layer in English Dictionary

  • NounPLlayersSUF-er
    1. A single thickness of some material covering a surface.
      1. Wrap the loaf in two layers of aluminum foil before putting it in the oven.
      2. After the first coat of paint dried, he applied another layer.
      3. It's cold now but it will warm up this afternoon. Make sure you wear layers.
    2. A (usually) horizontal deposit; a stratum.
      1. I find seven-layer cake a bit too rich.
    3. One of the items in a hierarchy.
      1. mired in layers of deceit
      2. a software layer that translates keystrokes
    4. A person who lays things, such as tiles.
      1. A mature female bird, insect, etc. that is able to lay eggs.
        1. When dealing with an infestation of headlice, the first step is to eliminate the layers.
      2. A hen kept to lay eggs.
        1. A shoot of a plant, laid underground for growth.
        2. VerbSGlayersPRlayeringPT, PPlayered
          1. VT VI to cut or divide (something) into layers.
            1. VT VI to arrange (something) in layers.
              1. Layer the ribbons on top of one another to make an attractive pattern.
          2. More Examples
            1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
              • The tablespace provides a layer of abstraction between physical and logical data.
              • The surface part of an exopinacocyte is polygonal in shape and covered with a mucous layer of self-secreted glycocalyx.
              • This area is mainly covered by deep layers of loessal soil and helu soil (Haplic Krastazem, FAO), and the pH value was 8.3–8.5.
            2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
              • The hindgut matrix in prehatching stage 19 embryos consists of a trilayered electron dense lamina, subjacent electron dense material and the innermost lucent layer.
              • The hymenium, or thecium, is generated endogenously within the hyphal layer.
              • A previous report [36 ] showed that a subpopulation of human ADCs exhibited stem cell-like characteristics and an ability to differentiate into various cell types in tridermic layer.
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