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EN[ɪntɚˈvɛnʃən] [ɪntəˈvɛnʃən] [-ɛnʃən]
  • Intervention may refer to:
  • Interventionism (politics)
  • Humanitarian intervention, an attempt to reduce suffering within a state through armed conflict
  • Entente intervention in the Russian Civil War at 1918-1925
  • Invasion or military offensive
  • Intervention (counseling), an attempt to compel a subject to "get help" for an addiction or other problem
  • Cognitive interventions, a set of techniques and therapies practiced in counseling
  • Economic interventionism, when a central bank buys or sells foreign currencies in an attempt to adjust exchange rates
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  • NounPLinterventionsPREinter-SUF-tion
    1. The action of intervening; interfering in some course of events.
      1. Fernando Torres was recalled in place of the suspended Didier Drogba and he was only denied a goal in the opening seconds by Laurent Koscielny's intervention - a moment that set the tone for game filled with attacking quality and littered with errors.
    2. (US, law) A legal motion through which a person or entity who has not been named as a party to a case seeks to have the court order that they be made a party.
      1. An orchestrated attempt to convince somebody with an addiction or other psychological problem to seek professional help and/or change their behavior.
        1. (medicine) An action taken or procedure performed; an operation.
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            • Numerous technologies and tools, such as stent, cryocanalization, electrocautery, and microdebrider, are developed for bronchoscopic interventions [1 ].
            • Our targeted interventions are aimed at the students who need help the most.
            • In future, with further interventions to circumvent the problems we have identified herein, telomerised cells may still be a viable alternative.
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            • Unlike higher readmission and reexploration rate in these reports, we had only 2 readmissions with BMP related complication and none of them required any surgical intervention.
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