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EN[ɪntə(ɹ)ˈmɪidɪiət] [ɪntə(ɹ)ˈmɪidˌɪieɪt] [ˌɪntɚˈmɪidɪiət] [ˌɪntɚˈmɪidɪieɪt]
  • Intermediate means "occurring between two extremes, or in the middle of a range". It comes from the Latin word 'intermedia' which literally means 'among the middle' ('Inter' means among; 'media' means middle) and may refer to:
  • Intermediate 1 or Intermediate 2, educational qualifications in Scotland
  • Intermediate (anatomy), the relative location of an anatomical structure lying between two other structures: see Anatomical terms of location
  • Intermediate Edison Screw, a system of light bulb connectors
  • Intermediate goods, goods used to produce other goods

    Definition of intermediate in English Dictionary

  • NounPLintermediatesPREinter-SUF-iate
    1. Anything in an intermediate position.
      1. An intermediary.
        1. (chemistry) Any substance formed as part of a series of chemical reactions that is not the end-product.
        2. VerbSGintermediatesPRintermediatingPT, PPintermediated
          1. VI to mediate, to be an intermediate.
            1. VT to arrange, in the manner of a broker.
              1. Central banks need to regulate the entities that intermediate monetary transactions.
          2. AdjectiveCOMmore intermediateSUPmost intermediate
            1. Being between two extremes, or in the middle of a range.
            2. More Examples
              1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                • For other Leptodirini, the contraction of the life cycle is less radical, being intermediate between this extreme and a epigean life cycle.
                • Open since 1972, the resort overlooks the northwestern shore of Lake Tahoe and has 89 mostly intermediate trails on its 2,904 acres, as well as a 420-foot superpipe and eight terrain parks.
                • Most dilbits are similar in consistency to intermediate fuel oils.
              2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
                • Intermediate glycostructures have different numbers of galactose, mannose, and sialic acid residues.
              3. Used in the Ending of Sentence
                • Glutamine is first catabolyzed to glutamate and than to generate a-ketoglutarate, a tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle intermediate.
                • Flavins are reduced by NAD(P)H via electron transfer and then sequentially converted to hyroperoxyflavins, which are an unstable intermediate.
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