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    1. plural of instrument.
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        • This study [ …] used three general HRQOL instruments and a recently validated disease-specific questionnaire that minimized the risk of monomethod bias.
        • Mr. Kouyate’s instrument is the four-stringed West African ngoni, also called a xalam [ … ] .
        • Such ambiguity riled Russia's foreign space partners, who were torn between asking IKI to refly Mars '96 with backup instruments or to pull the plug on the mission. "
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        • The byproducts of our study are a strategy to improve the change and project management in intersectoral collaboration and a large repertoire of managerial working methods and instruments.
        • To increase the understanding of what the mouth of a yidaki player is actually doing, Hollenberg organised to have magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans done of him playing the instrument.
        • While this is longer it is both clearer to understand and to implement as a webform where the user will select an instrument.
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