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  • NounBFinfection
    1. plural of infection.
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        • It has been reported that periparturient cows undergo a period of immunosuppression of various immunological parameters associated with a high susceptibility to uterine and mammary infections [ …]
        • Many common infections are spread by fecal-oral transmission.
        • The infection will sicken him until amputation is needed.
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        • Infections caused by helminthes, such as parasites of the Ancylostomidae family, can provoke anemia due to chronic intestinal blood loss [40 ,41 ].
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        • The entire population initially seemed at risk of infection.
        • Although not all animals were found positive for hemocultures, it was possible to isolate parasites at all three sampling times, over a year of infection.
        • This study highlights the need to further develop sympathoinhibitor as an antiviral and antiinflammatory therapy and for more dose-response and time-course studies in animal models for EV71 infection.
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