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  • NounPLimmaturesSUF-ure
    1. An immature member of a species.
      1. There are many genera and even families of Brachypylina for which immatures are not yet known, and thus numerous examples of adult convergence and misclassification remain to be revealed: such is the case with Hypozetes.
  • AdjectiveCOMmore immatureSUPmost immature
    1. Not fully formed or developed, unripe, not mature.
      1. Childish in behavior, not mature.
        1. You're only young once, but you can be immature the rest of your life.
        2. The man was immature for throwing a tantrum.
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        • By in situ hybridization, expression of all 3 microRNAs is robust in immature hair cells of both auditory and vestibular organs and is present in the statoacoustic ganglion.
        • Germarium and vitellarium are distinct and the latter contains one or two small, immature basal oocytes.
        • Analysis of non-atretic quiescent (primordial) and growing (primary, preantral, and antral) follicle numbers revealed that immature follicles were gradually lost after chemotherapy.
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