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    1. plural of human.
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        • 1922: the parts of the human anatomy most sensitive to cold being the nape, stomach, and thenar or sole of foot? — James Joyce, Ulysses
        • Replicate pools were allelotyped in triplicate in a discovery dataset (100 IA cases and 92 gender-matched controls) using the Affymetrix Human SNP Array 6.0.
        • Some essence of dogitude shines through all the caprices of taste and breeding that humans have applied to the animal.
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        • Human lung fibroblasts are able to grow into 3D collagenated and stiffened matrices under specific conditions.
        • Humans can not regrow lost limbs but some amphibians can.
        • Human zyxin is a 572 amino acid protein; sequence analysis suggests that its biochemical properties are similar to those of avian zyxin.
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        • Animal models used supraphysiologic doses than that in human.
        • For the first time, we showed bi-directional temporospectral dynamics between the nucleus accumbens and the neocortex in humans.
        • Many creation myths tell of a deity who is believed to ensoul humans.
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