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EN[ˈaʊə(ɹ)] [ˈaʊɚ] [-aʊə(ɹ)]
  • The hour (common symbol: h or hr) is a unit of measurement of time. In modern usage, an hour comprises 60 minutes, or 3,600 seconds. It is approximately 1/24 of a mean solar day.
  • An hour in the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) time standard can include a negative or positive leap second, and may therefore have a duration of 3,599 or 3,601 seconds for adjustment purposes.
  • Although it is not a standard defined by the International System of Units, the hour is a unit accepted for use with SI, represented by the symbol h.

    Definition of hour in English Dictionary

  • NounPLhours
    1. A time period of sixty minutes; one twenty-fourth of a day.
      1. I spent an hour at lunch. ‎
    2. A season, moment, time or stound.
      1. (poetic) The time.
        1. The hour grows late and I must go home. ‎
      2. (military, in the plural) Used after a two-digit hour and a two-digit minute to indicate time.
        1. A distance that takes an hour to get there by car.
          1. This place is an hour away from where I live.
      3. More Examples
        1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
          • The patient, thus, was reintubated and after 12 hours she met the extubation parameters and so she was extubated successfully.
          • the making of the film; the forging of the sword took several hours of planning, preparation, and metalwork
          • After I spent a couple of hours picking his brain, his scheme started to make sense.
        2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
          • Sit him in front of the TV and he might watch for hours.
          • And then there's the jack-off fuckboy self-destruction derby theory that with somebody like Darby it was just a matter of time until the zero hour.
          • If we clock out now we can be at the bar by happy hour.
      • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
        1. Nouns
          • Countable nouns
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