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WHome run
  • In baseball, a home run (abbreviated HR, also "homer", "dinger", "bomb", "blast", " Big Dog",
  • Home runs are among the most popular aspects of baseball and, as a result, prolific home run hitters are usually the most popular among fans and consequently the highest paid by teams—hence the old saying, variously attributed to slugger Ralph Kiner,
home run
home run

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  • NounPLhome runsPREhome-
    1. (baseball) A four-base hit, a homer.
      1. The first baseman hit a home run to lead off the ninth.
    2. IDI The portion of a journey that ends at home.
      1. I'm on the home run.
    3. IDI A success; especially, a popular success.
      1. The product was a home run.
    4. IDI Sexual intercourse.
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        • onds smashed the ball 467 feet, the second longest home run in the history of the park. ‎
        • Wells, in the three hole, extended his streak of at-bats without a home run to 134, the longest longball drought of his career.
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