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  • Harder may refer to:
  • Harder (surname)
  • Harder, Washington, unincorporated community, United States
  • Harder (fish)
  • USS Harder
  • Harder Kulm

    Definition of harder in English Dictionary

  • NounPLhardersSUF-er
    1. (South Africa) Any of several species of mullet often used to make bokkoms.
    2. Adjective
      1. comparative form of hard: more hard.
        1. He is more likely to succeed because he tries harder.
        2. Steel is harder than copper so we use steel tools to cut copper pipes.
    3. More Examples
      1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
        • It’s easy to make a cocktail more sweet or sour or dilute; it’s harder to make it unsweet or unsour and undilute.
        • SYP is a softwood, but it is harder than many hardwoods.
        • I accultured myself very easily when I moved from Chile to Brazil; Portuguese, being similar to Spanish, was easy to learn. It might have been harder to acculture to life in Hong Kong.
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          Grammatically, this word "harder" is an adjective, more specifically, an adjective form. It's also a morpheme, more specifically, a suffixe. It's also a noun, more specifically, a countable noun.
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