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    1. NU The state of being free, of not being imprisoned or enslaved.
      1. Having recently been released from prison, he didn't know what to do with his newfound freedom. ‎
    2. NC The lack of a specific constraint, or of constraints in general; a state of being free, unconstrained.
      1. The dispatches […] also exposed the blatant discrepancy between the west's professed values and actual foreign policies. Having lectured the Arab world about democracy for years, its collusion in suppressing freedom was undeniable as protesters were met by weaponry and tear gas made in the west, employed by a military trained by westerners.
    3. Frankness; openness; unreservedness.
      1. Improper familiarity; violation of the rules of decorum.
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        1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
          • Director of the ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom since 1967, Mrs. Krug was a national leader in several legal cases that rose to the Supreme Court.
          • only in freedom can we build the Usonian city. His [Wright's] plans are coming to life.
          • Seven (58%) and nine (75%) achieved seizure freedom 24 h and 72 h after LEV was added, both clinically and electrographically.
        2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
          • She carried me to a young woman to nurse for her what she nursed at Mostor Wilks befo freedom.
          • We introduce explicit many-body interwire interactions that preserve time reversal symmetry and give energy gaps to all low energy degrees of freedom.
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            Grammatically, this word "freedom" is a morpheme, more specifically, a suffixe. It's also a noun, more specifically, a countable noun and a singularia tantum.
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