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EN[fɚˈɡɑt.n̩] [fəˈɡʌt.n̩] [fɚˈɡʌt.n̩] [fəˈɡɒt.n̩] [-ɒtən]
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  • Forgotten or The Forgotten may refer to:
  • In film:
  • Forgotten (1933 film), an American film directed by Richard Thorpe
  • The Forgotten (1973 film), a psychological horror film
  • The Forgotten (2003 film), a Korean War film
  • The Forgotten (2004 film), a psychological thriller film
  • Forgotten (2013 film), a 2013 Bolivian film
  • The Forgotten (2014 film), a British horror film
  • In literature:
  • The Forgotten (novel), by Elie Wiesel
  • The Forgotten, by David Baldacci
  • The Forgotten (Animorphs), a book in the Animorphs series by K. A. Applegate

    Definition of forgotten in English Dictionary

  • NounPLforgottensPREfor-
    1. A person or thing that has been forgotten.
      1. Luckily for these unfortunate forgottens, New Year is approaching, a time when, despite the intuitions of the calendar, our thoughts often turn to the past.
  • Verb
    1. past participle of forget.
    2. AdjectiveCOMmore forgottenSUPmost forgotten
      1. Of which knowledge has been lost; which is no longer remembered.
      2. More Examples
        1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
          • He had forgotten that he was speaking on the record.
          • With lessons in good behavior all but forgotten in many homes, must teachers now be supernannies?
          • Chris Brunt sliced the spot-kick well wide but his error was soon forgotten as Olsson headed home from a corner.
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                Grammatically, this word "forgotten" is an adjective, more specifically, an adjectives ending in -en. It's also a morpheme, more specifically, a suffixe. It's also a noun, more specifically, a countable noun. It's also a verb, more specifically, a verb form.
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