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EN[faɪt] [fʌɪt] [-aɪt]
Fight (brawl)
Fight (brawl)

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  • NounPLfights
    1. An occasion of fighting.
      1. One of them got stabbed to death during the fight. ‎
    2. (archaic) A battle between opposing armies.
      1. A physical confrontation or combat between two or more people or groups.
        1. Watch your language, are you looking for a fight? ‎
      2. (sports) A boxing or martial arts match.
        1. I'm going to Nick’s to watch the big fight tomorrow night. ‎
      3. A conflict, possibly nonphysical, with opposing ideas or forces; strife.
        1. ‘Then the father has a great fight with his terrible conscience,’ said Munday with granite seriousness. ‘Should he make a row with the police […]? Or should he say nothing about it and condone brutality for fear of appearing in the newspapers?
      4. The will or ability to fight.
        1. That little guy has a bit of fight in him after all.   As soon as he saw the size of his opponent, all the fight went out of him. ‎
      5. OBS A screen for the combatants in ships.
      6. VerbSGfightsPRfightingPTfoughtPPfoughtPPfoughten
        1. VI To contend in physical conflict, either singly or in war, battle etc.
          1. The two boxers have been fighting for more than half an hour. ‎
          2. A wounded animal will fight like a maniac. ‎
        2. VI To strive for; to campaign or contend for success.
          1. He fought for the Democrats in the last election. ‎
        3. VT To conduct or engage in (battle, warfare etc.).
          1. The battle was fought just over that hill. ‎
        4. VT To engage in combat with; to oppose physically, to contest with.
          1. My grandfather fought the Nazis in World War II. ‎
        5. VT To try to overpower; to fiercely counteract.
          1. The government pledged to fight corruption. ‎
        6. VT (archaic) To cause to fight; to manage or manoeuvre in a fight.
          1. to fight cocks;  to fight one's ship ‎
      7. More Examples
        1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
          • Bankers, who must fight to stay even with inflation and face an uneven credit supply (even many "greenlined"' areas didn't get loans during the recession of 1974-1975)
          • The escalating crisis between England and her American colonies came to a head when fighting broke out in 1775.
          • The crossed hammer and sickle symbolise the union of workers and peasantry in their fight for their rights.
        2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
          • One can feel the threatening energy of the thought-forms left in the room after a tense fight.
          • A chilly tingliness in my fingers told me that I should have put on gloves before joining the snowball fight.
          • Old couples sometimes will play tapes at each other during a fight.
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