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  • AdjectiveCOMmore extravagantSUPmost extravagantPREextra-SUF-ant
    1. Exceeding the bounds of something; roving; hence, foreign.
      1. Extreme; wild; excessive; unrestrained.
        1. Exorbitant.
          1. According to this saga of intellectual-property misanthropy, these creatures [patent trolls] roam the business world, buying up patents and then using them to demand extravagant payouts from companies they accuse of infringing them. Often, their victims pay up rather than face the costs of a legal battle.
        2. Profuse in expenditure; prodigal; wasteful.
          1. an extravagant man;  extravagant expense ‎
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          • The lady did not want to bebother her stylist for an extravagant dress design.
          • He ordered himself a cheeseburger and fries and, in an extravagant attempt to prove his meaty regular guydom, brought back $80 worth of burgers and fries in a greasy bag for White House staffers.
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        1. Adjectives
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