• Extracted, also known as Extraction in the UK, is an independent 2012 American science fiction thriller directed and written by Nir Paniry.

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    1. simple past tense and past participle of extract.
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        • We have characterized basis of memory enhancing function of CDRI-08 which is only a fraction of the whole extract of Bacopa monnieri rich in bacosides A and B 9 (57.5%).
        • Several classifiers are tested on the extracted features, the best method being metaclassifier bootstrap aggregating (Bagging) based on alternating decision trees (ADTree).
        • Untouched third molars were extracted and decoronated and a cavity was made with a homemade mold as demonstrated in Figure 1 .
      2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
        • Extracts were supplemented with an internal standard to a concentration of either 0.3 mM tocopherol acetate (Sigma) or 1.25 μg ml -1 of the lipophilic metalloorganic dye VIS682A (QCR Solutions Corp).
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        • Stilton works brilliantly with parsnips, providing a savoury richness which feels a little more special than common or garden yeast extract.
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