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  • Dramatic may refer to:
  • Drama, a literary form involving parts for actors
  • Dramatic, a voice type classification in European classical music, describing a specific vocal weight and range at the lower end of a given voice part
  • Dramatic soprano, a strong voice which can be heard over an orchestra
  • Dramatic (album), an album by Casiopea
  • The Dramatics, 1960s American soul music vocal group
  • Dramatic Chipmunk, 2004 internet phenomenon

    Definition of dramatic in English Dictionary

  • AdjectiveCOMmore dramaticSUPmost dramaticSUF-atic
    1. Of or relating to the drama.
      1. Monteverde found the conditions of dramatic music more favourable to his experiments than those of choral music, in which both voices and ears are at their highest sensibility to discord.
    2. Striking in appearance or effect.
      1. Each year remarkable advances in prenatal medicine bring ever more dramatic confirmation of what common sense told us all along-that the child in the womb is simply what each of us once was: a very young, very small, dependent, vulnerable member of the human family.
    3. Having a powerful, expressive singing voice.
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        • Many schools that have moved to synthetic phonics have noted dramatic improvements to the literacy of pupils taught by this method.
        • This form of percapita rate, derived from branching theory, is robust to variation in the true extinction rate, including events as dramatic as mass extinctions ( 29 ).
        • The top six are assured of continental competition and after making a statement of intent against Stoke, it would take a dramatic collapse for Newcastle to surrender their place.
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      1. Adjectives
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