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EN[ˈdɑktɹɪn] [ˈdɒktɹɪn]
  • Doctrine (from Latin: doctrina or possibly from Sanskrit: dukrn) is a codification of beliefs or a body of teachings or instructions, taught principles or positions, as the essence of teachings in a given branch of knowledge or belief system.
  • Often doctrine specifically suggests a body of religious principles as it is promulgated by a church, but not necessarily; doctrine is also used to refer to a principle of law, in the common law traditions,
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  • NounPLdoctrinesSUF-ine
    1. A belief or tenet, especially about philosophical or theological matters.
      1. The body of teachings of a religion, or a religious leader, organization, group or text.
        1. The incarnation is a basic doctrine of classical Christianity.
        2. The four noble truths summarise the main doctrines of Buddhism.
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        • The doctrine of 'pre-Adamitism,' while heretical and guaranteed to generate storms of controversy, won some prominent adherents.
        • In the opening scene, he drills her preconfirmation class on church doctrine and calls the students “warriors of faith.”
        • It was precisely the hard-heartedness of these economic doctrines that the nineteenth-century English novelist Charles Dickens had satirized in Hard Times.
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        • Systematics is an effort to understand those specifically theological affirmations that the theologian holds to be true and so regards as doctrines.
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