• Distant may refer to:
  • Distant (album), an album by Sarge
  • Distant (film), the North American title of a Turkish film released as Uzak
  • William Lucas Distant (1845-1922), an English entomologist
  • Distant signal in railway signalling
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  • AdjectiveCOMmore distantSUPmost distantPREdis-SUF-ant
    1. Far off (physically, logically or mentally).
      1. Judge Short had gone to town, and Farrar was off for a three days' cruise up the lake. I was bitterly regretting I had not gone with him when the distant notes of a coach horn reached my ear, and I descried a four-in-hand winding its way up the inn road from the direction of Mohair.
    2. Emotionally unresponsive or unwilling to express genuine feelings.
      1. Ever since the trauma she has been totally distant to me. ‎
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      • The two distant shifts of downy mildews across three subfamilies of Asteraceae occurred rather recently, and in Asteroideae, a coevolutive adaptation has apparently not yet led to speciation.
      • Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn / It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels named Lenore
      • For a second his eyes sought the distant horizon now beginning to pinken in the early dawn light.
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    1. Adjectives
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