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  • Department may refer to:
  • Departmentalization, division of a larger organization into parts with specific responsibility

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  • NounPLdepartmentsPREdé-SUF-ment
    1. A part, portion, or subdivision.
      1. A distinct course of life, action, study, or the like.
        1. Technical things are not his department; he's a people person. ‎
      2. A subdivision of an organization.
        1. the Treasury Department; the Department of Agriculture; police department
        2. the physics department; the gender studies department
      3. A territorial division; a district; especially, in France, one of the districts composed of several arrondissements into which the country is divided for governmental purposes.
        1. (historical) A military subdivision of a country; as, the Department of the Potomac.
          1. OBS Act of departing; departure.
          2. More Examples
            1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
              • The IT Department supports the research organization, but not the sales force.
              • Across the West, crops rotted for the second summer in a row this year because of a weekslong shutdown of visa processing for seasonal farm workers caused by State Department computer problems.
              • In our department we still have a lot of old fernos but we replace them with the newer strykers as they are retired from service.
            2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
              • The average wastage is 1.5% in the grocery department.
              • He represented that he was investigating for the police department.
              • My accountant was so bad I am now on first name terms with the tax department.
          • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
            1. Nouns
              • Countable nouns
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