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EN[ˈdeɪn.dʒə(ɹ)] [ˈdeɪndʒɚ] [-eɪndʒə(ɹ)]
  • Danger may refer to:
  • Risk, the possibility of adverse events
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    Definition of danger in English Dictionary

  • NounPLdangers
    1. OBS Ability to harm; someone's dominion or power to harm or penalise. See In one's danger, below.
      1. "You stand within his danger, do you not?" (Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, 4:1:180)
    2. OBS Liability.
      1. OBS Difficulty; sparingness.
        1. OBS Coyness; disdainful behavior.
          1. OBS A place where one is in the hands of the enemy.
            1. Exposure to liable harm.
              1. "Danger is a good teacher, and makes apt scholars" (William Hazlitt, Table talk).
            2. An instance or cause of liable harm.
              1. "Two territorial questions..unsettled..each of which was a positive danger to the peace of Europe" (Times, 5 Sept. 3/2).
            3. Mischief.
              1. "We put a Sting in him, / That at his will he may doe danger with" (Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, 2:1:17).
          2. VerbSGdangersPRdangeringPT, PPdangered
            1. OBS To claim liability.
              1. OBS To imperil; to endanger.
                1. OBS To run the risk.
                2. More Examples
                  1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                    • 1900 That is the rock that he is in danger of, for he is going recklessly over uncharted waters. - Walter Hines Page, Arthur Wilson Page - The World's Work ...: A History of Our Time
                    • So the danger for me is that I overtrain, not undertrain.
                    • She is also concerned about the dangers of laypersons sharing their theories, pet cures, and even their medications with one another too freely.
                  2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
                    • Elmander's lovely flick nearly set Taylor free inside the box but, this time, Boswinga reacted well to snuff out any real danger.
                    • In relating the story to Julie, he decided to bend the truth just enough to make her think he had really been in danger.
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