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EN[kəˈɹɛkt] [-ɛkt]
FR correct

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  • VerbSGcorrectsPRcorrectingPT, PPcorrectedPREcor-
    1. VT To make something that was not valid become right. To remove error.
      1. (by extension) VT To grade (examination papers).
        1. VT To inform (someone) of the latter's error.
          1. It's rude to correct your parents.
      2. AdjectiveCOMmore correctSUPmost correct
        1. Free from error; true; the state of having an affirmed truth.
          1. With good manners; well behaved; conforming with accepted standards of behaviour.
          2. More Examples
            1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
              • This evening I shall speak on the topic of correct English usage. ‎
              • The package was resent, this time with the correct postage.
              • The politically correct "businesspeople" has replaced the old "businessmen". ‎
            2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
              • H. Richard's refusal to ontologize evil is theologically correct.
              • There have been a great many theories as to why the zinc is deposited on and alloyed with the metal treated, but I think that the theory of sublineation is possibly the one most correct.
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            1. Adjectives
              • Verbs
                • Transitive verbs
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              Grammatically, this word "correct" is an adjective. It's also a verb, more specifically, a transitive verb.
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