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  • A computer program, or just a program, is a sequence of instructions, written to perform a specified task on a computer. A computer requires programs to function, typically executing the program's instructions in a central processor.
  • Computer source code is typically written by computer programmers. Source code is written in a programming language that usually follows one of two main paradigms: imperative or declarative programming.
  • Computer programs may be ranked along functional lines: system software and application software. Two or more computer programs may run simultaneously on one computer from the perspective of the user, this process being known as multitasking.
computer program
computer program

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  • NounPLcomputer programsPREcom-SUF-gram
    1. A complete piece of software. A set of instructions for a computer. This term can refer to either the executable form that a computer can execute (executable code) or the human readable form (source code). (Several programs, each of which does a task, can be collected as a software package or suite).
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        • Overoptimizing the source code of a computer program may yield insignificant performance gains while making it difficult to read and maintain.
        • I tripped over the wire when modifying the source code of a computer program because the unusual code that I straightened out was intentionally put in place.
        • I walked the streets aimlessly.   Debugging this computer program involved walking the heap. ‎
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        • Computer programs should deallocate memory they no longer need, releasing it back to the system.
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