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    1. simple past tense and past participle of compound.
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        • Plant-derived active phytometabolites, as well as their semi-synthetic and synthetic analogs, have served as a major route to the development of new pharmaceuticals compounds [1 ].
        • The set of test compounds in the reported investigation shares two items with our trial: acetylsalicylic acid (closely related to fluoroacetylsalicylic) and dexamethasone.
        • Then the inhibitory effects of the three compounds on monophenolase activity of tyrosinase were also determined.
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        • Compounds identified from FLJ are listed in Table  1 , including chlorogenic acid, luteolin, loganin, and loniceroside A.
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        • A SATU fellow, trawled redhandedly following an exchange of gunfire, was ordered executed before us upon his confession of how the SATU had planned to destroy human being in the Grey stone Compound.
        • This statement is supported by in-vitro experiments data where extracted forisomes responded to application of aphid salivary compounds.
        • They also illustrate the advantage of biological synthesis to achieve bifunctionalization, as exemplified by several of our bi-halogenated compounds.
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