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  • VerbSGcomposesPRcomposingPT, PPcomposedPREcom-SUF-ose
    1. VT To make something by merging parts.
      1. The editor composed a historical journal from many individual letters.
      2. Try to compose your thoughts.
    2. VT To make up the whole; to constitute.
      1. A church is composed of its members.
    3. VT (nonstandard) To comprise.
      1. (transitive or intransitive) To construct by mental labor; to think up; particularly, to produce or create a literary or musical work.
        1. The orator composed his speech over the week prior.
        2. Nine numbered symphonies, including the Fifth, were composed by Beethoven.
        3. It's difficult to compose without absolute silence.
      2. (sometimes reflexive) To calm; to free from agitation.
        1. The defendant couldn't compose herself and was found in contempt.
      3. To arrange the elements of a photograph or other picture.
        1. To settle (an argument, dispute etc.); to come to a settlement.
          1. To arrange in proper form; to reduce to order; to put in proper state or condition.
            1. (printing, dated) To arrange (types) in a composing stick for printing; to typeset.
            2. More Examples
              1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                • No longer in contact with an inner root sheath, the isthmus epithelium cornifies without a granular zone, and the thin cornified layer is composed of compactly arranged cornified cells.
                • Vesteris Seamount is composed of highly alkaline lavas of alkalibasaltic to basanitic/tephritic compositions, consistent with small extents of mantle melting due to great lithospheric thickness [17 ].
                • This complex is composed by several genomotypes connected by an intricate reproductive dynamics.
              2. Used in the Beginning of Sentence
                • Composed play then saw Sam Ricketts nutmeg Ashley Cole before Taylor whipped a fine curling effort over Petr Cech's bar.
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              1. Verbs
                • Intransitive verbs
                  • Transitive verbs
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