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    1. plural of cell.
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        • Exposure to iodine can also cause apoptosis in human thyroid cells and thyroid carcinoma cell lines through generation of iodolactones (iodinated derivatives of fatty acids) [ 51 , 52 ].
        • Counting was performed in a sample-blinded fashion and expressed as % of 200 counted cells ( D ) and mean of the number of immunodecorated structures per cell ( E ).
        • The target antigen is a 210-kDa centrophilin that is not only localized in the pericentrosomal region of mitotic cells but also present in interphase nuclear matrix.
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        • Cells were grown from an overnight culture in tryptone broth at 30°C and then harvested.
        • Cell pellets were extracted at 4°C with 15% TCA containing 13 C, 15 N-ATP as the internal standard, and then neutralized with a mixture of trioctylamine and 1,1,2-trichlorotrifluoroethane.
        • Cells were retransfected with or without poly (I:C) (1.0 μg) for an additional 12 h.
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        • Overall predicted densities (log transformed) of each species are shown underlayed, with the highest densities indicated by dark grey cells.
        • Standards for methanol extracted pigments chlorophyll a, c 2 . peridinin, β carotene, diatoxanthin and diadinoxanthin were used for quantifying pigments which were normalized per cell.
        • It is therefore likely that the N-terminal region of E7 is accessible and extracellularly-exposed since we could detect E7 in unpermeabilised SiHa cells.
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