EN[ˈkɑːpɪt] [ˈkɑɹpɪt] [-ɑː(r)pɪt]
  • A carpet is a textile floor covering consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing.

    Definition of carpet in English Dictionary

  • NounPLcarpets
    1. A fabric used as a complete floor covering.
      1. (figuratively) Any surface or cover resembling a carpet or fulfilling its function.
        1. OBS A wrought cover for tables.
          1. SLA (vulgar) A woman's pubic hair.
          2. VerbSGcarpetsPRcarpetingPT, PPcarpeted
            1. To lay carpet, or to have carpet installed, in an area.
              1. After the fire, they carpeted over the blackened hardwood flooring.
              2. The builders were carpeting in the living room when Zadie inspected her new house.
            2. VT To substantially cover something, as a carpet does; to blanket something.
              1. Popcorn and candy wrappers carpeted the floor of the cinema.
            3. (Britain) To reprimand.
            4. More Examples
              1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
                • They rolled out the red carpet to welcome the visiting dignitaries.
                • We had run above twenty miles when the sun set, carpeting the sea, and tapestrying the sky with a rare unison of delicate green and golden hues [ …]
                • There are felt cat beds, circular mats by Flor and minifutons, in an aesthetic more sophisticated than the carpet trees that tend to mark the pinnacle of cat design.
              2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
                • He had a hard time cleaning up the paint splatters on the carpet.
            • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
              1. Nouns
                • Countable nouns
                • Verbs
                  • Transitive verbs
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