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  • Bounces is a 1985 sports/fighting game released for the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.
  • Points are scored by catching and throwing the bouncing ball into a goal, or by knocking the opponent out with the ball or hand-to-hand combat. Each contestant is hampered by being attached to the wall by a length of elastic.

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  • NounBFbounce
    1. plural of bounce.
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        • We thought he'd die from the crash, but he bounced back to normal after 10 days in hospital.
        • Seeing the trip cord of a bouncing Betty nearby gave us cold chills, and we moved all the more slowly through the woods.
        • The three songs I've heard so far are low-key and restrained, with a tetch of honky-tonk tension--the sound of a heart being bounced up and down like a squishy yo-yo.
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